Deciding to spend vacations in India assures you to be amidst rich diversity. It is to be in the arms of diverse cultural heritage with contrasting magic - wide plains & soaring mountains, rural and urban accord, fine blending of tradition and modernity, scorching deserts and beaming rivers, skyscraper buildings and self sufficient villages, roaring seas and calm oceans, enchanting temples and secular people, and much more on the same lines.

India is a land full of magic at every step. Though you may notice man made beauty at some places - its magnificent metropolitan skylines, large masses, over delighted marketplaces and festivals - yet all becomes so obvious and natural, the moment you step on this wonderful land.

Especially for travelers, India offers so much to unearth that it becomes difficult to return to their native places in most of the cases. It will not be an exaggeration to state that those who came here on traveling voyages could not return or returned with prolonged wish to visit this beautiful repeatedly. Such is the magnanimity of this place.
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Rajasthan - Explore the legendary richness of forts and palaces that captivates one’s soul until date. Popularly referred, as the 'land of the kings', Rajasthan enlivens the majestic claims emanating from the heart of desert and lakes. Rajasthan enjoys being one of the India’s most colorful and fascinating states.

We offer you to explore Rajasthan from an experts’ perspective as our team of elite travel consultants always remain on their feet to unearth the underlying beauty undercurrents making this city magical and the most visited in the world.


Kerala is simply rich in every sense. This incredible piece of land on earth is just awesome. Located on southwest part of India, between Western Ghats of Hills and the Arabian Sea, it bestows an opportunity on the traveler to witness breathtaking coastal views, captivating beaches, lush green environ, soaring mountains, or huge waterfalls. Be it honeymoon, wildlife, vacation spending plans or any kind of Ayurveda based spa resorts, Kerala scores high on every front.


If you wish to witness, the most authentic wildlife in the most authentic way, none other than India, and our wild life tour package is best suited for the purpose. See the most world’s most majestic animal kingdom and get ready for the state of mind where only one word comes to mind, WOW, That’s Unbelievable! Breathe freshest air of the world, and immerse in the mystical fragrance emanating from a wide variety of flora and fauna. Be ready for that wild roar of the wildest animal on earth, Tiger as well. Still there is so much!

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is an apostle of love and resides in the hearts of tourists as one of the most revered places. Find yourself why it is so.
Hawa Mahal
Simply majestic as it provided a window to the royal Rajput women to see the ravaging beauty, Hawa Mahal, situated in Jaipur, is yet another marvel.
Immerse yourself in an ancient Hindu tradition of India in the vicinities of Varanasi. People say that here resides the real essence of India. Find out why.
Exquisitely spreading across 400 sq km, the place represents natural beauty coupled with a wide variety of birds and animals in its ambit. A must see place for adventurers.
Sculptors par excellence celebrating the rich traditional ways of life are the major attractions. It is much more than merely the genius of Indian artists from the past is.
Kerala Backwaters
Beauty resides here in abundance. Board a houseboat and immerse in tranquility, which has the potential to stay forever with you.

Spa Tour , Ananda Spa ResortAnanda Spa Resort
Travel to one of the most magnificent places in India and discover a beauty and warmth that reaches straight to the heart.
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The royal land of kings offering unimaginable beauty in myriad forms, Rajasthan is ‘never to be missed’ places in the world. Take your romance at its zenith.
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An apostle of love known throughout the world, Taj Mahal in Agra is known for its delicate architectural workmanship. Until date, love emanates from its every nook and corner.
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Small is Beautiful – Kerala means it. Located in the southern tip of the Indian peninsula, Kerala’s beauty is splendid.
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Breathtaking coastal views stretching up to 100 km, Goa falls in the category of the finest tourist places in the world. Besides palm-fronted beaches and inviting azure waters there is much more to it.
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